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Alaskan Self Guided Hunts
Fly-In Moose Float Trips

Hunting Season is from Sept 5th through Sept 25th

Alaska the Last Frontier

"My best friend and hunting partner and I have dreamed about a self guided moose hunt in Alaska since we were young, but didn't know where to start. Kent made that all possible! We were both succesfull with two trophy Alaskan moose." ~Jeff Maieri

Moose Hunts

Be your own guide (at considerable savings) as you experience Alaska -- The Final Frontier -- in all its vast wilderness beauty!

Through instructional videos and personal consultation, I will pass along to you my lifetime of wide-ranging knowledge and wilderness experience (I grew up in Alaska and have spent decades hunting across the state) to prepare you in every detail, every step of the way -- from the time you pull out of your driveway until you return home -- to make your adventure as easy as possible. In the meantime, you’ll save thousands of dollars over a professionally guided wilderness trip.

In Alaska, you can hunt moose, caribou, black bear, blacktail deer, and wolf without a guide.

The Fly-in Moose Float Trip normally costs $5,400 to $5,900 per person (a group of 2 to 4 is ideal).

Also to fly each Moose from wilderness there will be a charge, depending on which Pilot of $420 or $450hr around 3 hours total time [Distance is normally over 200 miles one way]

This cost includes:
--Roundtrip airfare to Alaska
--Bush pilot
--Raft rental
--Satellite phone
--Topographical maps
--Moose tags and hunting license
--All my experience and tips on moose hunting and the area
--As many days as you want to hunt during the season and more

I can also direct you on Self-Guided Adventures for:
--Black bear on Prince of Wales Island
--Caribou in the Arctic -Fly-in Float Trip
--Caribou in a “bow hunting only” area [vehicle access]
--Blacktail deer on Kodiak Island
--New Zealand hunts of all big game

Please call me with your questions and to discuss your personal hunting adventure. (Deposit is Non Refundable)

Watch these videos of recent adventures. Imagine yourself as the star of the next film!

Life’s too Short! Stop Dreamin’ about it!

Video One

DIY - Alaska Moose Hunts 2015 - Boone & Crockett Bull

Video Two

2014 Alaskan Moose Fly-In Float Trip- 60'' Bull Moose Self Guided Giant Moose Hunt Sept 2014"Alaska"

Video Three

Self Guided Trophy Moose Hunting"Alaska"

Video Four

Moose Adventure - featuring a 60" 9 brow tine Bull - Monster Pike Fishing

Video Five

Moose Adventure - featuring 60" Bull and BC Black Bear

Video Six

Self Guided Alaskan Black Bear & Monster Pike Fishing

Video Seven

Self Guided Alaskan Caribou Hunting


Video Eight

Coastal Black Bear Hunting - Prince of Wales Island, Alaska

Video Nine

Kodiak Blacktail Deer Adventure - featuring trophy Blacktails & Grizzly attack

Video Ten

New Zealand Hunting - Featuring all Big Game & Lobsters - Guided or Self Guided Trips


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